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GBC Kentucky – Washington County Tax, Accounting, & Life Insurance Store #29

GBC Kentucky – Washington County Tax, Accounting, & Life Insurance Store #29 919 KY-433, Mackville, KY 40040 (502) 627-0557

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A #2020 Update

Dear On The Fly Designs community,

An Update:

We Miss Y’all! FR

Please know, that you can count on us to maintain your privacy, practice & operate with integrity, commitment, & passion, and ALWAYS – do the NEXT RIGHT THING, for all of our clients.

WHATEVER you need help with, reach out. If we are unable to assist, help or do it, I have many Partners that can.

What vision can we help you give flight to, does your Vision have WINGS?

As always, we will continue to provide unique products and services for both your professional and personal lives!

We are re-launching in order to give you a bird’s eye view of your business! We are joining my GBC TAX Pros Business and On The Fly Designs to become, On The Fly with GBC so that we are able to guide you from A-Z with your business. No matter the need, we’ve got you covered!

Look for DIY’s and How -To videos, podcasts, additional services, etc

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How to Start a Business – Miss Efficiency Article

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GBC Tax Pros – D-I-V-O-R-C-E & Assets

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PPP Loan Forgiveness

Paycheck Protection Program

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Free Consultation Available!

GBC Tax Pros & More…

Call me for a free consultation! 502.627.0557

Let us help you get in, where you fit in!!

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United Way Assistance during Covid-19

Housing, food, utility, etc. assistance…

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FSA’S, & The Changes due to Covid

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Federal Taxes Deadline

call me 502.627.0557
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Unemployment – FEMA Lost Wage Assistance Info